How did we get there?

Burlington Beach Catamaran Club (BBCC) Hobie Fleet 441

The Burlington Beach Catamaran Club was started over 30 years ago by Chris Walker and Al Bowles. Both lived on the beach strip and through some good fortune came together to start a great club.

In 1979, Chris purchased his first Hobie Cat from a long time college friend who had lost the passion of flying a hull. After some TLC, Chris tailored his boat to the Spenser ramp (located where Spenser's restaurant is today) and headed out for a day of sailing. After a few hours of sailing, he saw a catamaran on the beach close to the current club compound and pulled up next to it. Al immediately came down to the shore and excitedly suggested Chris keep his boat next to Al's Cougar catamaran.

Within weeks, more cat sailors appeared and the thoughts of starting a catamaran club began to germinate. With the help of the City of Burlington the formal club was then born, duly registered with Coast Catamaran (Hobie Cat Manufacturer) as Hobie Fleet 441 and a recognized Division 16 member of the Ontario Hobie Cat Association (OHCA).

After a couple of years with a lot of help from OHCA and the support of the City of Burlington, the BBCC hosted its first Annual Regatta. The Regatta attracted 12 boats. A great first event. Within a couple of years word spread and the BBCC Regatta had close to 100 boats attending its Regattas.

Over the years, new events were added including Wednesday night racing, joint sailing with other sailing clubs and a long distance sail to Port Dalhousie (90 km round trip). The club continued to work closely with the City of Burlington and a compound for the club was built. Many City Councillors have attended our regattas and taken the opportunity to take flight in a cat.

Today the BBCC is stronger than ever, several members have won championships within the Ontario Catamaran Racing Association, our racing series has expanded to both Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons and our Annual Regatta attracts over 40 boats from across Canada and the United States. During 2015 BCCC hosted the North American F17 Championships. The club continues to sail to Port Dalhousie (weather permitting) and hold joint events with both Hamilton Sailing and Boating Club and Burlington Sailing and Boating Club. BBCC's annual regatta is a regular event in the Ontario Catamaran Racing Association (ORCA) annual racing series.