ORCA - BBCC Regatta Weekend

Saturday, August 22, 2015 8:00 AM     Sunday, August 23, 2015 9:00 PM

Join boats from other clubs for our annual.

Let’s show what a great club we have.



More media are available here.

BBCC 2015 Regatta: A Cat National Championship - 11 Boats
BBCC 2015 Regatta: High Portsmounth - 7 Boats
BBCC 2015 Regatta: Low Portsmouth - 16 Boats
Thank Everyone for Pulling Together a Great Regatta

Adam, I am sure everyone agrees with your comments as it was a great regatta. It all came together very well which is thanks to all who volunteered their time to make it the success it was and wouldn’t have been without everyone’s invaluable help.

After hearing what everyone had to say about the regatta, we may have a bunch more “A” cats next year and hopefully some more from Toronto area.

To all a BIG thank you. We do really have a great club!!



A Great Weekend
Another successful regatta I thought.   Special thanks to our visitors, especially the Americans who travelled quite far.
Thanks to all that helped and particularly to Steve Clark who probably worked twice as hard as anyone!
Special congrats to Jim and his team on the RC boat.  (Jim you are one of the best RCs I have come across.)
Oh, and the T-shirts look great ...... to the point that I have been told not to get mine dirty...........
I have your trophy, I will have it tomorrow for the Wednesday race – or we can arrange another time.