What are Sailors saying about us?

The city of Burlington is phenomenal with countless restaurants, cafes, and shops. Spouses of the sailors drove to a wine tasting just outside of the city while some sailors visited nearby Niagara Falls on the lay day. The beach catamaran club is in the lee of the prevailing westerly winds. Launching is simple with almost no wind. The water is a half-foot deep crystal-clear fresh water. Push off and put boards in as the wind slowly builds to 15. Hop out on the trap and foil down to the course while soaking up the view of the city in the background and Toronto is visible on a clear day in the distance. Very wide, perfectly manicured beach with panoramic views of the city that could easily fit 100+ boats.
International A-Division Catamaran Association - A-Cat.org
Super cool in Burlington. Lots of people came a long way, but it was totally worth it. The city was great, the Club there was awesome, sailing was fantastic. Flat water, fresh water. Bruce Mahoney 2022 A-Class NA Champion.
What a great event at my new favorite sailing venue. I really would move to Burlington in a heartbeat if it didn't snow! I had so much fun spending time with my A Cat family, and it was great to see so much hard work pay off on the water. Huge thank you to all of the Burlington Beach Catamaran Club - BBCC volunteers for working so hard to put together my favorite event of the summer! Seriously had the best time.
Cam Farrah 2022 A-Class NA 3rd Place Foiling - Facebook.com