Burlington Beach Catamaran Club could not operate without the volunteer support of our members. We thank our members for all their support throughout the years. The current Board of Directors are as follows:

Current Board Members
Commodore - Mauro Spagnolo
Vice Commodore - Don Lawrence
Treasurer - Joel Helder
Secretary - John Hildebrand
Membership Director - Tom Steggles
Social Director- Scott Way
Sailing Director - Bill Schwenger
Past Club Commodores

Chris Walker: 1979-1990
Mark Reed: 1991-1993
Dave Hill: 1994-1997
Bill Kosar: 1998-1999
Randy Lowel: 2000-2001
Jeff Glen: 2002-2008
Stephen Clark: 2009-2016
Michael Goulet: 2016-2017
Dean Mayke: 2017-2018
Floris Van Laar: 2018-2019
Mauro Spagnolo: 2019-present

Organizational Structure & Contact Information (Chart below visible only to BBCC Members while connected)