Confidentiality Policy

Members, volunteers and/or staff with Burlington Catamaran Club Inc. (“BCCI”), may become aware of, or have access to, certain confidential information.  Such confidential information may consist of financial, human resources, and member related information, which may include financial statements, performance appraisals, discipline issues, and other information relating specifically to the operations of BCCI. Other such confidential information may consist of information concerning a person, member or partner, whether an employee or otherwise, whether from a personnel record or financial information or otherwise.

All such information is strictly confidential and shall not be discussed with any other person except as completely necessary in the performance of one’s responsibilities. Disclosing confidential information to another person without appropriate purpose would be a serious detriment to the organization.

Where the awareness of confidential information may require acting upon, individuals will relay such information to the Commodore or Board President in confidence. Staff and volunteers will not carelessly, recklessly or willfully handle, manage or otherwise compromise the confidentiality of any confidential information.  

Breach of this agreement will result in discipline, up to and including termination of their relationship with BCCI.


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