Inactive Member

The Burlington Catamaran Club Inc. (“BCCI”) has a limited number of available spaces for a Senior Member’s catamaran both on the beach and within the compound which restricts the total number of Members within BCCI.  Given this restriction, it is expected that Senior Members actively sail their catamarans during the BCCI’s sailing season and participate in BCCI club events. Senior Members are not to use BCCI primarily as a storage facility for their catamarans. 

It is recognized that changing life events can result in an inability and/or reduced desire to actively sail and/or participate in BCCI events. However, it is expected that this inactivity be only temporary, and the Senior Member actively re-engage back in BCCI events at their earliest convenience.  

Disciplinary Actions
Inactivity within BCCI by any Senior Member will be reviewed by the BCCI Board of Directors on an annual basis and appropriate action will be taken against the inactive Senior Member. These actions may include probation, suspension, or termination from the BCCI.  


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