Membership in the Burlington Catamaran Club Inc. includes the following levels:

SENIOR MEMBER – Previously considered a Member who holds a PIN Placement for their catamaran on the beach and who’s membership is in good standing.  Joint owners of a catamaran which is assigned a PIN Placement must designate one of the owners as the Senior Member with the other owner(s) classified as Members.

MEMBER – Includes the following whose membership is in good standing:

  • Co-owners of a Senior Member’s catamaran
  • Individuals who regularly sail with a Senior Member on the Senior Members catamaran
  • Affiliated individuals to the Senior Member who actively support the club

Collectively referred to as “MEMBERS”


Voting rights for each of the following Membership Levels will be as follows:

SENIOR MEMBER – Entitled to one (1) vote at meetings of the members of the Corporation
MEMBER – No voting rights unless amended by the Board of Directors 


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