Protection & Complaint Resolution (Whistle Blower) Policy

In keeping with Burlington Catamaran Club Inc.’s (“Club”) goal of maintaining the highest standards of conduct and ethics, we will investigate complaints of suspected fraudulent or dishonest use or misuse of our resources or property by staff, board members, consultants, volunteers, or members/participants.  

To maintain the highest standards of service, the Club will also investigate complaints concerning its programs and services. Additionally, the Club will not retaliate against an employee and/or member who, in good faith, raised a complaint against some practice of the club, or of another individual or entity with whom the Club had a business relationship, on the basis of a reasonable belief that the practice is in violation of law or a clear mandate of public policy. 

Staff, board members, volunteers, and all our stakeholders are encouraged to report suspected fraudulent or dishonest conduct or problems with services provided.  
A person’s concerns about possible fraudulent or dishonest use or misuse of resources or property, or program operation, should be reported to the Commodore.  If, for any reason, a person finds it difficult to report his or her concerns to this individual, they may report the concerns directly to any member of the Board of Director’s Executive.  Alternately, to facilitate reporting of suspected violations where the reporter wishes to remain anonymous, a written statement may be submitted to one of the individuals on the Board.   
All relevant matters, including suspected but unproved matters, will be promptly reviewed, and analyzed, with documentation of the receipt, retention, investigation, and treatment of the complaint. Appropriate corrective action will be taken, if necessary, and findings may be communicated to the reporting person.  

No director, officer, employee, volunteer, or member/participant who in good faith reports suspected fraudulent or dishonest use or misuse of its resources or property or complaints concerning the Club’s programs and services shall suffer harassment, retaliation, or adverse employment or other consequence. An employee who retaliates against someone who has reported a violation in good faith is subject to discipline up to and including termination within the Club. 

This Protection & Complaint Resolution Policy is intended to encourage and enable everyone associated to the Club to raise serious concerns within the organization prior to seeking resolution outside the organization.  


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