Storage and Trailer Requirements

The Burlington Catamaran Club Inc. (“BCCI”) has a limited number of available spaces for a Senior Members catamaran both on the beach and within the compound. There is also a limited number of spaces available within the sail shed and personal lockers to support Senior Member and/or Member sailing gear.  Accordingly all Senior Members are required to follow the follow storage and trailer bylaws to ensure enjoyment by all Members;   

Sail, PIN and Locker Storage Assignments
Senior Members are assigned a specific PIN location on the beach, a sail shed shelf number and a personal locker. Senior Members are not permitted to change their assigned PIN, sail shelf and/or personal locker location without the consent of the Commodore or designate.  

Catamaran - Beach Transfer & Storage
The safety of the Senior Member’s catamarans located on the beach increases as more boats are located on the Beach.  Given this increased safety, Senior Members are required to transfer their catamaran to their respective PIN and have “Masts Up” within 30 days of the BCCI season start date announced each year (typically May 1).  All boats located on the beach must be secured to the Senior Members assigned PIN when not in use. 

All trailers within the BCCI compound must be operational (ability to be moved) to accommodate movement of boats and/or trailers within the compound throughout the year.  All Senior Members recognize that trailer storage location within the BCCI compound can change during the season. 

End of Season
All catamarans are required to be removed from the beach before the season ending date (typically end of day Oct 31).  Catamarans stored in the BCCI compound during the winter months must be de-Mast within 30 days following the end of season.   All Members acknowledge the BBCI is not responsible for any damage to the members catamaran and/or trailer stored in the BCCI compound at any time. 


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