Work, Play or Pay Policy

The success of the Burlington Catamaran Club Inc. (“BCCI”) is highly dependent on the voluntary support of its members. To ensure all members contribute to these voluntary efforts, BCCI has instituted a Work, Play or Pay Policy which requires all Senior Members to complete a minimum of 15 volunteer hours during each season.  These volunteer hours will include time spent on the following: 
  • Completing various approved maintenance and site improvement projects
  • Supporting club social activities
  • Attending Club Racing (Wednesday Night and/or Sunday Afternoon) (1 hr per Racing Event)
  • Any volunteer hours completed by individuals affiliated to the Senior Member (including Members) supporting maintenance, site improvement and/or social activities
Tracking of volunteer hours will be completed by the Directors and/or designate. Unfulfilled hours will be billed at $20/hr on the Senior Members following year's membership renewal.


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