Stephen Clark (Member 2000-2016, Commodore 2009-2016)

Steve Clark grew up in Australia, close to Sydney Harbour. He loved the water and the thrill of going fast. This combination drew Steve to the sport of waterskiing, and he become quite proficient in his youth. During his later teens he took up sailing and by the early 1990’s had begun sailing is own SolCat 15 catamaran. In the late 1990’s Steve immigrated to Canada and brought his beloved SolCat 15 with him. Steve joined the BBCC In 2000 and became Jeff Glen's Deputy Commodore from 2002-2008.  He also began sailing with Floris Van Laar on a regular basis. Success shortly followed with Steve and Floris winning the Ontario Racing Catamaran Association (ORCA) championships in 2006. Steve was a fearless crew, always willing to do what is needed for his skipper. Check Steve trying his best to stop a pitchpole at the 2006 Tre Rivers F18 Regatta (Section 0:56 - 1:23 of video). In 2007, Steve won the ORCA Tactician of the Year award and in 2009 he became Commodore of BBCC. Although he began sailing his own F17 in 2009 Steve continued to race with Floris on his F27 Trimaran “Catch-Up” placing 2nd in 2012 US Trimaran Nationals and 4th in 2014. During the sailing off season, Steve took up snowmobiling, as it permitted him to stay active during our long winters. Fellow snowmobilers commented that “Steve drove his Sled like a Race Car”.

During Steve’s reign as Commodore, BBCC saw the addition of a new Sail Shed “Tin Can” and the continued resurgence of Club racing and the Beach Bums Regatta, including BBCC hosting the F17 NA Championships in 2015. Steve consistently helped members becoming better sailors and stressed safety within the Club. He viewed the members of the BBCC like an extension of his family. His dedication to the sport of cat sailing was rewarded with Steve winning the ORCA Sportsman of the Year in 2016. Sadly, Steve passed away on November 24, 2016. Members who were fortunate to work, sail and/or celebrate with Steve will always be thankful for Steve’s friendship and his support. His legacy in the club will continue forever.


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